Meat your match at Monti: the Fiorentina Experience
Credit: Monti

Credit: Monti

Few establishments execute quality steaks well, and even fewer can lay claim to a showcase of brilliantly finessed, properly aged, world-class T-bone steaks.

Italian restaurant Monti at Fullerton Pavilion flaunts stunning views—their open-air rooftop terrace offers an awe-inspiring 360-degree view, quite possibly the best way to introduce a foreign friend to the CBD and marina sights—and their latest menu update, The Fiorentina Experience, sees the addition of three T-Bone steaks (1.1kg each, with tenderloin and sirloin cuts, served with corn, potatoes and asparagus; good to share amongst four people, or more with assortment of starters).

Definite must-try for steak lovers is their Mayura Full-Blood Wagyu T-Bone ($320), winner of Australia's Delicious Produce Awards in 2018 with an impressive marbling score of 9+.

Hailing from beef producer Mayura Station in South Australia, where the cows are fed a unique diet of grains and chocolate, the meat is succulent and flavourful—a unique buttery sweetness accentuates natural underlying nuttiness—with fatty parts that are simply overflowing with richness.


Other options include the juicy Sanchoku F1 Wagyu T-Bone ($220) and the beefier Rangers Valley Black Onyx T-Bone ($180), though not as outstanding as the Mayura.


Steaks are also carved and flamed tableside, a smoke-licked fanfare that adds to the overall experience.



An Italian meal is never complete without housemade pasta. Go straight for their Fregola ($35) with tiger prawns, Boston mussels, clams and Sardinian bottarga.

Prepared in a rich lobster bisque, the chewy, tiny balls release a mellow sweetness that works nicely with the umami of accompanying seafood.

Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop with crispy Pancetta, Porcini mushroom, chestnut and celeriac

Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop with crispy Pancetta, Porcini mushroom, chestnut and celeriac

Burratina and marinated heirloom tomatoes

Burratina and marinated heirloom tomatoes

And now that's it's March, look out for the restaurant's latest House of Ravioli selection, featuring the best of authentic Italian ravioli (stuffed pasta), all made in-house.


I tried the Black Cod Tortellini, rustic and warm with a spicy broccolini puree and contrasted with a vinegary salad of celery and apple, but I leaned toward the fuller flavoured Wagyu Agnolotti with cream of bone marrow, rosemary gremolata (herb sauce) and a port jus reduction.

It could do with an additional dash of black pepper, though still wonderful without. My only complaint is that I had to share the dish.


This was an invited media tasting session, though all views expressed are my own.

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