Le Binchotan's Supper Special returns: Chef Jeremmy with more friends!

They say too many cooks spell disaster, but Le Binchotan’s Chef Jeremmy Chiam proves otherwise with newly returning ‘Supper Special’ series that sees new friends—ArChan Chan, Executive Chef of LeVeL33; Sam Chablani of now-defunct Fat Lulu’s fame, also peddling delish supplies of Kombu Butter on Fresh AF; and Folklore’s executive chef, and MasterChef Singapore judge, Damian D’Silva—coming together with intriguing new twists on supper favourites.

Credit: Ryan Acompanado

Credit: Ryan Acompanado

Mechanics have also been switched up since their inaugural session last year. Supper Special 2019 spreads across 3 months (25 April to 30 June 2019), so you’ll be able to savoury Chef Jeremmy’s supper creations every Friday and Saturday during the period, with a different chef joining hands for a ‘Jeremmy & Friends’ set ($35 for one big and one small plate each from each presenting chef) one weekend every month.


Exclusively available this Supper Series period is a smooth and bright, specially brewed Yuzu Beer ($15) from LeVeL33. Beer usually is not my first choice, but made using fresh yuzu zest, I thought it was a very refreshing option that went nicely with many of the robust (and spicy) dishes in the lineup.

Supper Series 2019 Set 1, 25 - 27 April

This weekend that has just passed sees Chef ArChan Chan of LeVeL33 pairing with Chef Jeremmy.

Chef Jeremmy reprises his marvellously crisp, flavour-packed Ebi Cracker (part of this set; $7 for add-on to other sets or a la carte during regular Supper Series evenings). Be warned of his famed homemade Sambal Belachan, it packs some serious heat—I felt it’s even spicier than last year—so a little goes a long way.


It also goes very well with his winning Prawn Noodle Soup (part of set; $17 for add-on to other sets or a la carte during regular Supper Series evenings). Smokey, binchotan-grilled sea prawns and lard top Hakata-style ramen, served in a pork bone-and-prawn broth.


Chef ArChan welcomes diners with her signature ‘beer-infused’ style.

Her Stir-fried Clams with XO Sauce (part of set, $19 as an add-on)is a take on her favourite Sambal Lala but vivified with the use of LeVeL33’s blond lager, giving it a nice hoppy whiff, served with mantous made from scratch using spent grain from the brewery. The tiny buns have a fried mantou exterior, tearing to reveal soft bread-y insides—which you’ll be mopping up every bit of that XO sauce with later.


Her Grilled Shishito Peppers & Fermented Leeks with Hopped Salt (part of set, $8 as an add-on) is gorgeously seasoned—just enough bite, mix of spicy and savoury—and an easy matching with drinks.

Cocktails from Le Binchotan’s recently revamped drinks menu

Cocktails from Le Binchotan’s recently revamped drinks menu

Supper Series 2019 Set 2, 9 - 11 May

For this weekend in May, Chef Sam Chablani is bringing those #noburnnotaste vibes back.


His #noburnnotaste Platter (part of set, $18 as an add-on) sees previous Fat Lulu’s favourite, succulent Iberico Pork Sataytay, alongside deliciously charred chicken wings and Vietnamese-style phu quoc pork ribs. Best enjoyed the accompanying piquant sambal, Le Binchotan’s house mix with a tinge of yuzu.

His small plate of Vegetable Chips (part of set, $8 as an add-on) is practically a 180-degree change. Market-fresh vegetables and fruits deep-fried in batches till addictively crisp and light.


Chef Jeremmy’s extremely popular Hokkien Mee (part of set; $17 for add-on or a la carte during regular Supper Series evenings)—a hawker favourite jazzed up with a French bisque-style stock of lobsters and huge angka prawns—returns, but we were fighting other for more of his Beef Short Ribs Dumplings (part of set; $15 for add-on or a la carte during regular Supper Series evenings).

Made with hand-shredded Angus beef short ribs that’s been braised for 16 hours in Japanese black vinegar and served with housemade chilli oil, the silky and hefty dumplings were just pure indulgence.


Supper Series 2019 Set 3, 6 - 8 June

Wrapping up the series in June is Chef Damian D’Silva with some easy, but also madly delicious, comfort cuisine—it’s like grandma’s cooking, but on a whole different level!


The seemingly simple Steamed Fish (part of set, $15 as an add-on), one of Chef Damian’s favourite dishes, is bursting at its imaginary seams with flavour and nostalgia.

Filleted threadfin is marinated in Chef Damian's own housemade tau cheo (fermented soybeans), steamed for exactly 6 minutes, then topped with pork lard, shallots, garlic and bentong ginger.


Which then makes us naturally reach out for Chef Jeremmy’s Uni Congee (part of set; $22 for add-on or a la carte during regular Supper Series evenings). Inspired by juk (Cantonese congee), this luxe version is prepared with premium Akitakomachi rice that’s been marinated with hand-mashed century egg, a housemade scallop broth, and satisfying lobes of uni. Foie gras takes the place of the usual pork liver—but trust me, nobody’s complaining.


Small plates for this weekend in June sees sublime, chunky Kicap Manis Chicken Satay (part of set; $10 for add-on or a la carte during regular Supper Series evenings) from Chef Jeremmy—a mix of kicap manis, turmeric powder and spices accentuating that delicious smokiness from the binchotan—and Chef Damian’s zingy offering of Pork Belly with Cucumber Salsa (part of set, $8 as an add-on).

Be warned though, the cucumber salsa is as fresh and tangy as it is spicy—thanks to chef’s housemade blend of fresh chillies, garlic, lime, shallots, and oil.


Supper Special 2019

  • Every Friday & Saturday from 25 April - 30 Jun 2019, 9.30PM – 11PM

  • Jeremmy Chiam & ArChan Chan: 25 - 27 April 2019

  • Jeremmy Chiam & Sam Chablani: 9 - 11 May 2019

  • Jeremmy Chiam & Damian D’Silva: 6 - 8 Jun 2019

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This was an invited media tasting session, though all views expressed are my own.

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