Chinese New Year 2019 Highlights from Antoinette

Whimsical and always full of surprise, festive creations from stalwart homegrown bakery Antoinette are both a delight to experience and taste. Perfect for house parties!

Looking like something right out of a Taiwanese adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, the Abundantly 财源滚滚 ($38) is chef's playful response to the quintessential CNY greeting. It may be gimmicky, but boy is it a delicious mess. 

On a tasty mattress of airy purple (from sweet potato puree) chiffon cake, lies a thin layer crunchy of black sesame peanut feuilletine, and a thick duvet of salty cream cheese frosting that oozes over—with a simple lift of the transparent collar—bearing goodies like studded black and golden black sugar tapioca pearls, candied sweet potato and yam cubes.

Whilst I still much prefer a version that comes stuffed with cash, chef's crustier idea of a Hong Bao 红包 (small $10; large $25) is packed with layers of savoury pork floss, salted egg, candied sweet potatoes and yam, and black sugar Nian Gao mochi.


Aside from from his classic Queen’s Yusheng ($88) of an interactive, golden chocolate egg chest—surely to satiate sweet tooths—Chef Pang also has a side concept, Pang’s Hakka Delicacies 小彭客家菜, which serves up delicious, authentic Hakka cuisine (currently available for take-out only).


His killer Hakka Abacus Seeds 客家算盘子 ($8, approx. 250g; $30, approx. 1kg), individually made using premium yam from Thailand, is a must-order.

It’s aromatic—sautéed with ingredients such as premium dried shrimps, dried cuttlefish, leek, garlic, black fungus, dried mushroom, Chinese celery and fresh minced pork that are sourced daily—slightly chewy and just bucket loads of flavour.

Orders for his Hakka creations can be made via Whatsapp (+65 9021 7507), at least a day in advance.

For Antoinette’s festive creations, call +65 6293 3121/+65 6836 9527, or email

This was an invited media tasting session, though all views expressed are my own.

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