Burger Joint Singapore - Layout Famed, no-frills hamburger shop Burger Joint—also voted 'Best Burger in NYC' by Zagat—is coming to Singapore. Opening 3 May 2016 on the hip Telok Ayer/Amoy stretch, this marks the brand's first step into Southeast Asia.

The Burger Joint started in 2002, and now has a second location in New York, as well as outlets in Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Seoul and now Singapore.

Burger Joint Singapore - Neon Sign

Following the New York flagship shrouded behind dark curtains at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, Burger Joint Singapore is equally mysterious—you enter via the back through Gemmill Lane, following vague but beckoning neon signs before arriving at the simple, New York-style diner.

Burger Joint Singapore - Setting

Burger Joint Singapore - Ordering

Unlike finding your way there, ordering is extremely uncomplicated.

Start by choosing from their unpretentious, cooked-to-order burgers—ranging from Hamburger ($13.10) or Cheeseburger (13.80) to a Double Bacon Cheeseburger ($27.40)—your preferred doneness and toppings.

Burger Joint Singapore - Burgers, Fries and Milkshakes

Then round-off the meal with side of Fries ($5.50), Milkshake ($11.80), or even an indulgent Brownie á la Mode ($9.60).

Burger Joint Singapore - Cheeseburger

What I liked about the delicious burgers is its simplicity and how it stays true to being a good ol' fashion burger, where you can taste the beefiness of the juicy patty.

Burger Joint Singapore - Takeout Bags

Almost everything is imported from US, from the beef down to even the mustard and kegs of craft beer that they have on tap. Buns are baked locally, but follows the New York recipe extremely strictly for that consistent taste.

Burger Joint Singapore - Vanilla Milkshake

Another highlight is most definitely their gloriously thick, rich Milkshakes ($11.80). Aside from the quintessential variations of Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla, they also offer up some boozy options featuring Baileys, Amaretto etc.

Burger Joint Singapore - Bar Area

We hear the bar will also be serving up Bourbon-based cocktails, as well as also one special tipple exclusively created by award-winning mixologists from 28 Hong Kong Street for Burger Joint Singapore.

Address: 115 Amoy Street #01-03 (Entrance at back on Gemmill Lane) Tel: +65 6221 8648 Operating hours: Daily 11am-12am