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Travel Back in Time with Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

> $60, Asian, Chinese, NewsComment

In today’s fast-paced world of the restaurant business, many chefs take shortcuts to meet the high volume of demands. More often than not, this results in a drop in food standards that has left many of us reminiscing the good old days. In an attempt to help diners relive those memories, Chef Kwan Yu Kwan of Man Fu Yuan @ Intercontinental Singapore has recreated the glorious dishes of yesteryear. Man Fu Yuan - Char Siew

Chef Kwan relies on good quality ingredients using the right preparation techniques to bring out the true flavour of these dishes. One of the highlights of this promotion is the Signature Smoked Pork Belly Char Siew ($24). Using Man Fu Yuan’s premium tea selection  of Royal Red Robe Tea to lend a unique smoked undertone to the dish, the pork belly is marinated in a combination of Chinese rose wine and barbeque sauce before roasted. The char siew is deeply flavourful and succulent, not too sweet with a subtle smoky aroma.

Man Fu Yuan - Shrimp Paste Pork Belly

Another perennial favourite is the Hong Kong Style Steamed Pork Belly in Shrimp Paste ($28). This simple dish is elevated to delicious new heights as it is slathered in fermented shrump paste specially flown in from Tai-O in Hong Kong, where it is home to high quality shrimp pastes due to its geographical location. Steamed to perfection, accompany this dish with a bowl of rice for a heartwarming treat.

Man Fu Yuan - Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce

With all that health talk from the Health Promotion Board, pork lard has become as rare a find as precious metals; but one can’t deny the flavours it adds is irreplacable. Indulge in the rich Duck-egg Noodles ($6) served with first-press soy sauce and topped with crisp[y-fried pork lard for a rather decadent dish. If you can do away with your health conscience, order the Steamed Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce ($28) dressed in fragrant home-made Black Bean sauce and generously covered with lard.

“A Taste of Nostalgia” menu will be available from now until 31st May 2014 as part of a rotating a la carte menu from Mondays to Sundays for lunches and dinners.

Man Fu Yuan Intercontinental Singapore 80 Middle Road Singapore 188966

Tel: +65 6338 7600

Opening Hours: Lunch: 11.45am – 3.30pm Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm