9 new-to-Singapore concepts I can't wait to try at Jewel Changi Airport

9 new-to-Singapore concepts I can't wait to try at Jewel Changi Airport

It’s no secret that all eyes are on this new crown jewel of the east! Here are some quick facts on Jewel Changi Airport, the iconic shopping complex in the airport set to officially open on 17 April 2019, with exclusive ticketed previews from 11 to 16 April:

  • Jewel is connected to the Arrival Hall (level 1) of Terminal 1

  • The massive 137,000 square-metre facility features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a 40 metre-tall Rain Vortex that pours from its bagel-shaped roof

  • An indoor Canopy Park sits on the fifth level and is filled with hedge mazes and sky nets, where visitors can walk more than 25 metres above the ground

  • Five stories of the Jewel Changi Airport building will be filled with shops and restaurants. Out of the 280 retail shops, about 45 per cent of the retailers will be from Singapore and about 40 percent are dedicated to F&B

Here’s my pick of some exciting, new-to-Singapore dining at Jewel!


1. Emack & Bolio's (New to Singapore)

What: Story is that Emack & Bolio's, the specialty ice cream shop that originated in Boston, USA, is founded by a former music industry lawyer who had represented U2 and Aerosmith. It has recently gained popularity in Asia after being featured as the character General Frost’s ice-cream store in K-drama ‘A Korean Odyssey’.

The brand has also outlets in nearby countries like Malaysia and Hong Kong. Expect a wide variety of funky/crazy, house-made ice cream, smoothies, froyo and even “Ice Cream Pizza”.

Store location: #B2-234

2. A&W (New to Singapore, kinda)

What: After exiting Singapore in 2003, American fast-food chain A&W is making a comeback at Jewel. In addition to nostalgic favourites such as the Coney Dog and root beer float, it will offer a selection of dishes from its international outlets such as the Cream Cheese Burger from Japan.

Store Location: #B2-209


3. Shang Social (New to Singapore)

What: Shangri-La hotel group is launching their first standalone dining establishment called Shang Social (香聚). The 220-seater space consists of a bar, restaurant, and marketplace to cater to every dining occasion. The menu is curated by three of the hotel group’s highly acclaimed master chefs and pays tribute to three distinctive Chinese cuisines: Cantonese, Huaiyang, and Sichuan.

Store Location: #01-219/220/221/222

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4. Yun Nans (New to Singapore)

What: The largest Yunnan F&B chain in the world with over 100 outlets, Yun Hai Yao (云海肴) will be opening their first outside-of-China store, Yun Nans at Jewel Changi Airport. The restaurant specialises in gao yuan liao li, or highland cuisine, so you can expect dishes to feature wild porcini, wild black truffle, wheat pumpkin (green pumpkin) and edible flowers such as jasmine flowers, rose and chrysanthemum.

Their signature dish is the Steamed Pot Chicken Soup, which uses only a special breed of black feet chickens, and is brewed using a unique technique that does not require a single drop of water.

Store location: #02-217

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5. Pink Fish (New to Singapore)

What: Norwegian chain Pink Fish opens its venue outside its home country at Jewel. Started in 2017, this hip fast food brand is casting Norwegian salmon in a trendy light, where you can expect interesting renditions of the fish with some international flavours, such as Breakfast Waffles with grilled salmon and mango salsa, Salmon Burgers with Texas BBQ sauce and Vietnamese-inspired spicy soya sauce, and even a Thai Green Curry with salmon.

Store location: #B1-261/262

Elfuego by COLLIN'S®_BrandImage4.jpg

6. El Fuego by Collin’s (New to Singapore)

What: Sure it’s a concept by affordable Western chain Collin’s—but I’m hoping 25-year-old Head Chef Koh Han Jie, the first Singaporean to win the Young Talent Escoffier Asia competition and also just sharpened his chops at two-Michelin-starred French restaurant Les Amis, will bring a whole new spin at this contemporary and Halal, European cuisine concept.

Store location: #02-216

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7. Tonito (New to Singapore)

What: By the good folks behind behind Peruvian ceviche specialist Tono at Duo Galleria and Spanish eatery Ola Cocina del Mar at Marina Bay Financial Centre, the younger, fresher Tonito looks to offer more casual, fun nosh from a range of Latin-American countries like Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and Argentina.

Store location: #02-216

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8. Burger & Lobster (New to Singapore)

What: Expect signature lobster rolls—consisting of toasted brioche roll, chunks of lobster meat, and served alongside its signature lemon and garlic butter sauce, fries and salad—their famed prime burger, and fresh Atlantic lobsters served whole.

This outlet will be the UK chain Burger & Lobster’s third outlet in Asia. It will also introduce seasonal dishes inspired by local flavours and use locally-sourced ingredients.

Store Location: #05-203


9. Shake Shack (New to Singapore)

What: Famed New York burger chain Shake Shack will open its first Singapore and Southeast Asia outlet at Jewel Changi Airport, offering staples such as the ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog, classic crinkle-cut fries and frozen custard ice cream.

Don’t forget to try items on their not-so-secret ‘secret menu’. There’s also talk of future menu items made specially for the Singapore market.

Store Location: #02-256

Photo credits: Respective restaurant brands and Jewel Changi Airport

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