Dance to the Beat of A Brunch - The Westin Singapore Champagne Brunch

Just the thought of Monday, and a full work week ahead, is enough to set a damper on any weekend enthusiasm. Distractions are always a good tool to keep such thoughts at bay; and since this would be the only area our beloved city has a deficit in, the next best option is to incapacitate the mind with copious amounts of champagne. Joining the leagues of champagne brunch offerings in Singapore is Seasonal Tastes @ The Westin Singapore; instead of following the footsteps of ostentatious and over-the-top brunches, Seasonal Tastes downplays it to an edgier setting with its live resident Dutch DJ Lindo Martinez. The Westin Singapore | Seaood

Perched on the 32nd floor, Seasonal Tastes is a brunch treat for the eyes, ears and mouth. With thumping House beats in the air as I entered the restaurant, I reached out for the nearest glass of Veuve champagne to get this brunch started. 2 glasses later and I found myself at the bar counter having a cordial conversation with the mixologist while he concocts drinks tailored to your likings. Once filled and buzzed, the debauchery continues along with Seasonal Tastes’ extravagant selection of seafood ranging from lobsters, oysters, crabs and just about any other kind crustacean known to a chef.

The Westin Singapore | Roast Meats

The carnivores among us would delight in the brunch’s choices of meat. While many buffets are plagued by cold food having been left in the open too long, the Steak a la minute counter ensures freshness with its different cuts of made-to-order steaks. Simply choose from a selection of sirloin, rib-eye, tenderloin, t-bone or wagyu, and the team of chefs will prepare the beef to the doneness you desire. Other meat favourites include range of roast meats, and a special mention to the baby suckling pig.

The Westin Singapore | Wan Ton Mee

Another feature that sets Seasonal Tastes as the ideal Sunday brunch is its off the menu choices. While the restaurant does not publicly advertise their focus on customer satisfaction, the dedicated team of chefs are ready to satisfy any food cravings that are not available in its buffet spread. Thankfully it was only my 5th glass of champagne before I approached the chef for some local Wan Ton Mee; any more champagne and I may have ended up with a Christmas log cake for desserts.

The Westin Singapore | Desserts

Ending the brunch on a sweet note is made possible with the restaurant’s wide variety of desserts. With an assortment of cakes, ice creams and even local kueh keuh, you are bound to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. There’s even a frozen yoghurt counter that blends yoghurt creations with your choice of fruits or toppings. But the star of the show had to go to the matcha chocolate fondue, which was a tall fountain that looked like it belonged to the lab of a mad scientist with an acute taste for chocolates.

The Westin Singapore | House DJ

Service standards at Seasonal Tastes is undoubtedly excellent. With the resident DJ’s thumping beats, one may choose to head to The Westin Singapore for an after-after-hours party. But no matter how wasted you are, we suggest you restrict all dancing to the privacy of your bedroom, and suppress all urges to dance to the beat of the brunch.

NB: This was an invited tasting

Seasonal Tastes The Westin Singapore 12 Marina View, Asia Square 2 Singapore 018961

Tel: +6922 6888

Sunday Brunch: $158++, 12pm – 3pm Every Sunday