Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore - Winter Solstice Claypot Menu

Man Fu Yuan InterContinental Singapore - Winter Solstice Claypot Dishes

These two months leading up to Winter Solstice (Dong Zhi), Chinese fine dining stalwart Man Fu Yuan serves up some traditional winter claypot stews, packed with exotic meats to invigorate and nourish both the body and soul, to team with the customary 'Tang Yuan' (glutinous rice balls).

Man Fu Yuan InterContinental Singapore - Signature Double-boiled Soup with Deer Tendon, Spiky Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw

We recommend starting off with their notable rendition of Double-boiled Soup ($52) that's amazingly complex in flavour, thanks to a wealth of ingredients like fish maw, spiky sea cucumber, and the uncommon use deer tendon, which particularly nourishes the legs and lower body.

Man Fu Yuan InterContinental Singapore - Braised Crocodiles Tails with Abalones in Abalone Sauce

A definite highlight of the concise claypot menu—aside from the gratifyingly toothsome Braised Mutton ($32), a personal favourite—is Braised Crocodile Tails ($42, abalones additional cost). Thick, glistening gelatinous chunks of reptile served in a boldly flavourful, savoury abalone sauce that just begs for spoonful after spoonful of rice.

Man Fu Yuan InterContinental Singapore - Traditional Clay Pot Rice

Indulge also in creating your own Customized Claypot Rice ($12 per person, min. 4 persons). Taking this perennial favourite to another level, diners get to enjoy their own ingredient combination from the menu, including their must-try premium salted fish, minced pork & squid, and tasty Chinese liver sausage.

Man Fu Yuan's Winter Solstice Festival Specials are available from 1 November through 22 December. For reservations, please call +65 68251062.

Man Fu Yuan Level 2, InterContinental Singapore 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966