Recipes by SHATEC @ The Treasury - Exclusvie SHATEC 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu

Recipes by SHATEC - 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu - Sous Vide Chcicken Breast in Smoked Oil, Fig-glazed Foie Gras, Caramelised Endive, Manchego Espuma and Thyme Jus In celebration of their 30th anniversary come 2 July 2013, Recipes by SHATEC (Singapore Hotel Association Training and Education Centre) brings together some of their most distinguished alumni chefs in an exclusive, four-course $42 Anniversary Dinner Set Menu that will be served at the restaurant on both 7 and 14 June 2013.

Recipes by SHATEC - 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu - Students at Work

Managed and operated by SHATEC—a pioneer and leader, as well as one of Singapore’s largest and most established in the hospitality and tourism education industries that has produced several prominent alumni in their respective industries both locally and internationally—eager and capable apprentices run the restaurant just down the road from Funan with help from their mentors.

Recipes by SHATEC - 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu - Slow-cooked Pork Belly with Apple Salsa

To start off the meal is an appetizer of Slow-cooked pork belly created by Chef Randy Chow. The dish is kept succinct, with minimal frills. The pork belly lacked that crisp skin, but was fatty and succulent enough to make up for it, and the savoury sauce and sweet, tangy apple salsa makes for an excellent pairing.

Recipes by SHATEC - 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu - Mushroom Coffee with Crispy Cinnamon Roll with Prawn Paste

The highlight of our meal—and this surprises me too—was the soup. Created by celebrity chef Eric Teo, his Mushroom coffee is not only served in a coffee cup, but also possesses that airy milk foam, a deft touch that brings out the full-bodied flavours of his rich mushroom soup.

After which, is followed up by a splendid main course of Sous vide chicken breast. Prepared in a smoked oil and served with thyme jus, the generous and tender portion of chicken is layered with an intriguing smokey, earthy flavour, and goes only too well with the beautifully caramelised endive. You can almost never go wrong with foie gras—here Chef Tony Khoo uses a fig glaze for a sweet edge—but I felt it was the manchego espuma that did the job in rounding off the combination on the plate.

Recipes by SHATEC - 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu - Fondant Au Chocolat

Chef Pang Kok Keong presents his Fondant au chocolat to round off the meal. Prepared using fine dark chocolate, the result is a rich, gooey bittersweet chocolate dessert, lightly dusted with icing sugar, that is teamed well with a light vanilla ice cream.

This highly exclusive four-course 30th Anniversary Dinner Set Menu is only available at Recipes on 7 and 14 June 2013 (Fridays), and is priced at S$42 per person.

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