Feature - The Hawkers of the 1960s


It has long been regarded that eating is one of Singapore’s national pastimes. With a general lack of adventurous activities in Singapore, one seeks comfort in the prolific hawkers and restaurants that line every street.

It all began in the early 1950s during Singapore’s infant years. As unemployment was rife, many of the locals turned to hawking to make a living. The huge popularity and success of the hawker fare was the genesis of the food culture here in Singapore, and by the 1960s, there was a hawker at every corner.

Riding on the food craze, the love of food has evolved through the years and taken on many avenues. Food blogging is one of the channels that have evolved from the nation’s past time. Similar to the boom of hawker popularity in the 1960s, Six&Seven joined the food blogging world at the height of its trend.

Well there may be little skills involved in being a hawker; it also doesn’t take much to be a food blogger. However, the many hawkers that have been around for years do teach us food bloggers one thing – success will come to those with perseverance and believing in yourself.

We started Six&Seven at a time when we found the web to be saturated with “praise blogs” – the trend where bloggers seem to write only positive content. Unhappy with the lack of transparency, we started Six&Seven with the sole intention of providing our readers with the honest truth about restaurants, be it good or bad.

The past 2 years have been an exciting journey for us. Having been nominated for the Top 10 Food Blogs in the Singapore Blog Awards every year since inception, we believe that many of our readers appreciate, and share the same values as us. We can only attribute our success to many of our readers who turn to us for an honest review of restaurants in Singapore.

The hawkers of the 1960s and us share a similar history having started on the wave of popularity. However, like some of the surviving hawkers, we fervently believe in what we are providing our readers now, and for many years to come.